Tata Ace Gold | Acepiration | The Story of Mr. Sambhaji Raut Will Inspire Every Indian

Mr. Sambhaji Raut leads businesses and properties worth lakhs today. But he didn't come from privilege. As a polio survivor, his legs were disabled, so he used his hands to walk to school as a child. For years, he worked long hours for low returns as a farmer.

In 2006, he decided to venture into business with a Chota Hathi or 'Tiny Elephant' as he affectionately calls the Tata Ace. Since then, Mr. Raut has never looked back.

About Tata Acepiration -

Every Tata Ace you see on the road today is a story of victory and self-reliance through overwhelming odds. There are over 28 lakh Aces on Indian roads - and just as many stories of small and large entrepreneurs in every corner of India. Through Acepiration, we shine a light on the resilient spirit of these Acepreneurs to inspire a self-reliant India.


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