Tata Ace Gold | Acepiration | From making ends meet to running his own fleet - Mr. Yogendra Singh

As an employee, Mr. Yogendra Singh was struggling to make ends meet. In 2018, he decided to invest in his first Tata Ace. A decision that turned his life around. Today, he owns seven Tata Ace mini trucks that he believes in because of their high mileage and easy maintenance. Now as a successful business owner, he has been able to fulfil his life’s goals, from his children’s education to buying a new home.

About Tata Acepiration

Every Tata Ace you see on the road today is a story of victory and self-reliance through overwhelming odds. There are over 28 lakh Aces on Indian roads - and just as many stories of small and large entrepreneurs in every corner of India. Through Acepiration, we shine light on the resilient spirit of these Acepreneurs to inspire a self-reliant India.